Alpkit Zhota Mountain Tent

August 22nd, 2013

Just over two years ago myself, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker when to America for two months on the Wideboyz off-width climbing tour and road trip. We needed a 3-man mountain tent that would accommodate us for two months in a variety of weather and terrain. We took a Alpkit Zhota. Of course when you get hold of a new tent you should always try and pitch it in the garden or your front room. You need to see how it goes up and where the all poles go. But predictably we didn’t and so of course inevitably we ended up pitching it for the first time jet-lagged in the rain and dark at 3am in the Wyoming wilds of Vedauwoo. But it was fine, it was quite easy. And so having got the Zhota pitched the three of us tentatively piled into it wondering how we would fit and how we would cope with living in such close proximity to each other for the next two months. It was quite exciting zipping up the zips and discovering the various pockets and places to hang things and we settled down nicely with plenty of space and lots of head room. The only downside proved to be Pete’s ridiculously broad Alpkit Wideboy sleeping mat which enabled him to claim more than his fair share of space and Tom’s dangerous bag of dirty socks and pants.

The Alpkit Zhota in Indian Creek in Utah

The Alpkit Zhota in Indian Creek in Utah

A couple of Desperadoes and the Zhota in Vedauwoo

A couple of Desperadoes and the Zhota in Vedauwoo

As the trip continued we subjected the tent to all sorts of abuses: It was harassed by a moose in Vedauwoo while Tom hid up a tree, It was anchored by one guy line to a spiky bush in Canyonlands on the night before the first ascent of Century Crack. Then worst of all we left it untethered and unpegged in the desert above Moab while we were out rock climbing and the whole thing and all its contents blew away . We were quite upset, it really had just disappeared into the desert. So we looked and we looked and we looked and then we found it about a kilometre away. It was stuck upside down in a thorny tree. The whole was still intact, the flysheet still attached. There were some small rips in the top of the flysheet which we easily repaired.

The Alpkit Zhota tied to a bush in Canyonlands

Tied to a bush in Canyonlands

 Over the years I have used quite a few high quality mountain tents in a whole variety of terrain and conditions. I have used Terra Nova Quasars and Hyperspaces and I have used North Face and Mountain Hardware tents. I would definitely say that the Alpkit Zhota is up there amongst them in terms of quality. The Zhota is very durable and  is very well made. The Zhota is great 4 season high mountain and expedition tent and I would happily sit out the worst weather in it .

The Zhota inner tent in some desert in Utah

The inner tent in some desert in Utah

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