Blue Bird Burning

I am your dream of a bluebird sky A migraine on waking, The bird, flightless behind your eyes falls to a cold, day-lit death screaming it’s blue.   I am burning with our afternoon ghosts. Sparks of that day float below my ribs and catch in the ash of Sunday dinners. Flowers of then fire from my dress.   I am the […]

The Shard


Sherpas in Sheffield

The next stage of my Sheffield street art life-size paste ups was completed yesterday. A set of my  Sherpa and Porter portraits from Everest Base Camp have been stuck up on the Persistence Works artists studio in Sheffield.

I Eat Pizza While Tom Randal Climbs Hard Stuff

 Earlier this year I travelled to Italy with fellow Rab Professional Tom Randall. Tom was going to climb some of the world’s hardest finger cracks and attempt his then unclimbed project. I went to take photographs and eat pizza.        

Bob Scarpelli

With the guest appearance of the fearsome Bob Scarpelli in the Reel Rock 7 trailer I thought was it worth showing this Hipstamatic pic of the gnarliest of gnarly Vedauwoo off-width climbers.

Amazing iPhone Hipstamatic Music Video by ‘A Place to Bury Strangers’

I love my Hipstamatic iPhone app and this video by band ‘A Place to Bury Strangers’ is a worthy example of the fine art of iPhonography. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/34674807[/vimeo]

Top Ten iPhone Hipstamatic Photographs

I love my Apple iPhone and as a photographer I have downloaded a certain amount of iPhone photography apps. However despite dabbling in variety of photographic editing apps, retro apps and apps that mimic toy cameras, I keep coming back to Hipstamatic. Here are my favourite iphone Hipstamatic Photographs.

Crushing in Canyonlands

Tom, PeeWee and Pete in Canyonlands

It’s felt a little quiet the last couple of weeks. The euphoria surrounding the first ascent of ‘Century Crack’ had worn off and the pace of ascents seemed to have slowed. However on reflection plenty has been going on and hard routes have been sent. Under the wise leadership of Rob Pizem we were led […]

The Hardest Offwidth in the World

Hiding shyly under the Canyonlands White Rim in Utah is possibly the longest roof crack in the world. Discovered by desert legend Steve ‘Crusher’ Bartlett, while prospecting for desert towers, Crusher returned and aid soloed the line in 2001 and named it ‘Chocolate Starfish’. Next came Stevie Haston, who gallantly attempted to free the enormous […]

Pete Whittaker On-Sights ‘Lucille’

 Spacial Relations, Squat, Wing and a Prayer and Trip Master Monkey had all been ascended. Only one route remained and it was the big one. Lucille. I could sense the apprehension. Tension was building and when the day dawned clear and windless there could be no more excuses. We scrambled up to the base. Tom and Pete […]

Wide Boyz In Vedauwoo Part Three

We have been in Vedauwoo just over a week now. We have settled into a routine of getting up when the sun hits the tent, shivering through breakfast and then going climbing (or spending two hours lost in some Aspen woodland). At the bottom of the route Tom and Pete undergo their hand taping rituals […]

Photography Equipment

I use Canon cameras for the majority of my photography. I have stayed loyal to Canon from my first AE1 through to a EOS 3. I joined the digital photography revolution with a Canon 20D, and a Canon Powershot G9. Now I’m using the fantastic  Powershot G11 and a Canon 5D and 7D SLR’s. I have […]