Coffee with Bob Scarpelli, the List and Goodbye to Vedauwoo

September 29th, 2011

We had the great privilege this morning of spending a couple of hours drinking coffee with Vedauwoo legend Bob Scarpelli.

Bob Scarpelli



It’s been a successful couple of weeks at Vedauwoo for Tom and Pete with all of their primary objectives ticked.

The Vedauwoo Ascent List



  We now head south to Utah. Vedauwoo said goodbye in fine style last night when a moose rampaged through our campsite. Trench Warfare and Indian Creek await.

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4 comments on “Coffee with Bob Scarpelli, the List and Goodbye to Vedauwoo

  1. Justin EdlJustin Edl says:

    It is important to note that these mutants did not do Monsters from the start, but rather from a point about fifteen feet in, thus skipping the crux of the problem. Sick tick list though! That is how it is done.

  2. Justin EdlJustin EdlJustin Edl says:

    It is all good. Ridiculous showing however! It would have been nice to know their actual thoughts on the grades instead of what the book puts them down as, but oh well. Regardless though, that has to be the strongest showing of any offwidth climber(s) to come through Vedauwoo. It is especially impressive given that they are just a couple of limey brits with nothing but a cellar and a couple of mungy cracks to train on 😉 Very inspiring.

    • Alex Ekins says:

      Thanks Justin
      Don’t worry they will publish their thoughts on grades soon. I guess they are just focused on crushing. Good to meet you and thanks for all your help in Vedauwoo.

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