Crushing in Canyonlands

November 2nd, 2011

Tom, PeeWee and Pete in Canyonlands

Tom and Pete apprehend a wayward crack climber in Canyonlands

It’s felt a little quiet the last couple of weeks. The euphoria surrounding the first ascent of ‘Century Crack’ had worn off and the pace of ascents seemed to have slowed. However on reflection plenty has been going on and hard routes have been sent.

Under the wise leadership of Rob Pizem we were led to a secret location in Canyonlands and presented with a unique selection of hard roof cracks. Tom and Pete led the wide finish to Matt Lazenby’s ridiculously long roof crack boulder problem.

Pete Whittaker on the 'Angry Pirate Finish' 13a


Pete Whittaker on the third ascent of 'Army of Darkness' 13d

Tom and Pete also managed the second and third ascent of Rob Pizum’s wonderful ‘Army of Darkness’ and Tom struggled in the ‘Vadge’


Tom Randall at the top of the 'Vadge' 13a


The big news however was Jean-Pierre Ouellet’s (aka PeeWee) first ascent of Necronomicon. The 90-foot thin-finger roof crack is tentatively graded 5.14a.

Jean -Pierre Ouellet (PeeWee) on Necronomicon 5.14a

Jean -Pierre Ouellet (PeeWee) on Necronomicon 5.14a


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