Johnny Dawes Autobiography

August 4th, 2011

 (Alex Ekins)

Johnny Dawes in Sheffield working on his autobiography - Copyright Alex Ekins

 Rumours concerning a Johnny Dawes autobiography have been circulating for a number of years. Johnny would be seen in cafes throughout the land scribbling in notebooks and on scraps of paper. Strange drawing and symbols might be glimpsed. Sometimes wonderful snippets and passages would be read aloud. Some said that it would never be finished and others that it would be unpublishable.

Well it does exist and I’ve read some of it. It’s all we would hope for and expect from Johnny. It’s funny and frank. Historic, strange and illuminating. And yes it will be published. Soon……..

 (Alex Ekins)

Johnny Dawes outside Cafe ♯9 - Copyright Alex Ekins

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