Pete Whittaker On-Sights ‘Lucille’

September 26th, 2011

 Spacial Relations, Squat, Wing and a Prayer and Trip Master Monkey had all been ascended. Only one route remained and it was the big one. Lucille. I could sense the apprehension. Tension was building and when the day dawned clear and windless there could be no more excuses. We scrambled up to the base. Tom and Pete taped up, climbed the first pitch and Pete having won the toss got to work.

Pete Whittaker On-Sighting 'Lucille' 5.13a at Vedauwoo


After his ascent Pete said ‘Tom and I were pretty apprehensive about the route as it is one of the biggest offwidth lines in the world. I set off nervously but soon got into a rhythm through the horizontal squeeze section. I got into such a rhythm of shuffling and advancing chicken wings that I forgot to place any cams after the roof and managed to turn into the vertical section quite runout and very out of breath, however I soon found myself on easier ground and shuffling towards the anchors.’


Tom Randall gazing up at Lucille before his ascent



Wild Country Friends 5 and 6 packed for Lucille

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