Tom Randall Solos Trench Warfare

October 2nd, 2011

Its amazing what two days rest and a shower can do. After moving down to Salt Lake City for a wash and to pick up the RV, a quick visit to Trench Warfare resulted in two flashes, an extension and a solo.

Tom kicked off with a smooth flash, looking calm and relaxed throughout. After stripping the gear Pete decided the original route wasn’t long enough and he climbed along the slab to the further most end of the crack before beginning his flash ascent, adding ten feet of crack to the route.

After Pete’s extension, Tom was still psyched and obviously wanting more, so he got straight back on for Trench Warefare’s first solo.

Tom Randall Flashing 'Trench Warfare' 5.12d


Pete Whittaker flashing an extended version of 'Trench Warfare'


Tom Randall soloing 'Trench Warfare' (no pads or mats!)


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