Wide Boyz In Vedauwoo Part Three

September 24th, 2011

We have been in Vedauwoo just over a week now. We have settled into a routine of getting up when the sun hits the tent, shivering through breakfast and then going climbing (or spending two hours lost in some Aspen woodland). At the bottom of the route Tom and Pete undergo their hand taping rituals while I sort my photographic gear and scope for angles. The cold evenings are  spent cooking over a big fire at the campsite. Rest days involve drinking coffee in the cowboy town of Laramie.

Tom and Pete have now pretty much completed their Vedauwoo route list – ‘Squat’ 5.12b, ‘Spacial Relations’ 5.13a, ‘Wormdrive’ 5.11b, ‘Trip Master Monkey’ 5.12b, ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ 5.12c and ‘The Big Pink’ 5.11b.

Lucille awaits and Utah beckons.

Tom Randall upside down on 'On a Wing and a Prayer' 5.12c



Pete Whittaker On-sighting 'The Big Pink' 5.11b




Hand Stacking in 'Simiantics' V9


Campsite Blogging


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2 comments on “Wide Boyz In Vedauwoo Part Three

  1. Justin Edl says:

    It is worth noting that these mutants did not do Monsters from the start, but rather started about fifteen feet in, thus skipping the crux of the problem. Sick tick list though! That is how it is done.

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